Newsletter Issue 3

Issue 3 of the Fresh is available.  Please enjoy.

Newsletter Issue #3
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    Just a quick note to let you know we had an awesome meal last Friday for lunch. The food was superb. However, the service left a lot to be desired and I saw a lot of a few big snafu’s I think you’ll be interested to know. First of all, I NEVER saw a manager, and the servers, although very sweet, were clueless. They had not tasted any of the food (admitted that fact out loud), and didn’t really have good info for our questions. Customers were moving furniture everywhere because of the sun and wind. The curtain out there kept blowing on people and they were really annoyed. The servers didn’t quite know what to do. Can you imagine if one of those customers threw out their back? Lawsuit, ugggh!!! Anyway, we will be back for the food, I hope you can give attention to the patio, because it is gorgeous and Lisa deserves to have the best servers!

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