What People Are Saying about Fresh
Lisa’s interview with Brent Farris; where she reveals why she was fired from her first job
- (audio)

Lisa is interviewed on The Drive with Steve Jaxon
- (audio)

Fresh Start. Jeff Cox’s review before our official grand opening.

Fresh, Lisa Hemenway’s restaurant-deli-grocery, debuts Monday

Great gourd: The humble pumpkin

Hemenway is back in the game with Fresh

Lisa Hemenway interviewed by Marcy Smothers
-  (audio)

So Fresh We Can Almost Taste It

Lisa Hemenway’s much-anticipated eat-in/take-out marketplace is officially open — for a sneak peek.

Hemenway serves up wine at great prices

Inside Lisa Hemenway’s upcoming restaurant-grocery concept; plus a new upscale project

“Our family has enjoyed Lisa Hemenway’s food for years at all of her wonderful restaurants!  We are so excited about her new ideas to bring Fresh Sonoma county food to all of us.”
-  Lynne Carlile, Owner Skyhawk Village Center

Fresh: Lisa Hemenway’s new market focuses on gourmet-on-the-go eating for families

You’d have to drive many miles to taste, drink and experience the best of what Sonoma County has to offer.  Now, well-known Sonoma County restaurateur Lisa Hemenway hopes to showcase the region’s best cuisine, wine, dairy, produce and coffee all in one place, at the former home of the Skyhawk Village Market.

Try as she might, Lisa Hemenway just can’t escape from food.

Lisa Hemenway, one of Sonoma County’s most restlessly inventive apostles of good eating, is up to her elbows in preparations for transforming the former Skyhawk Village Market into a rustic, French-style marketplace that she’ll call Fresh.

We will be in to eat there soon. So glad that you are back into bringing great food to our community.
- Donna Jean Olson

What a great idea Lisa!
- Marty Roberts

Awesome Lisa! Welcome back and glad that you are close by! Great logo.
- Susy McBride

Glad you are back! Photos look good.
- Natasha James

Good for you, Lisa! Can’t wait to visit!
- Condra Easley

fresh? fabulous!
- Jann Forth

I look forward to enjoying your new establishment. As always, if you’re doing it, it’s going to be top shelf good! MMMMMMMM!
- John F. Bribiescas

This is gonna be great Lisa! Way to go!
- Pamela Saling

Hi Lisa….You don’t know me, but I went to school with Lana and I think you went to school with my sister Mazie. Saw this on Lana’s profile and added it. The place sounds wonderful and since I live in St. Helena I look forward to coming to dine when it opens. It looks and sounds like a fantastic place to eat.
- Denise Gilbert Sidenstricker

Great stuff lisa. I remember us meeting and “running into each other”. I support your venture 100%.
- Maria Vieages

Welcome back:- )
- Marsha & Jack Vas Dupre

Finally, she’s back. Lucky us -  anxious to see you in your new place Lisa. You’re simply The BEST!
- Sharon Wright

Love the logo! Can’t wait…..
- Kristin Sullenger Lepe

Can’t wait to be there for the Grand Opening!! See you soon!
- Lana Hemenway Taylor

I am happy to hear you will carry Hare Hollow products beacuse I LOVE that herbs de provence lemon oil!!!!!
- Laura Salo Long

Congrats Lisa. We hope your new place does very well. Take care and we will watch your progress…
- Roy & Danielle Emerick

I love the look of your logo. It says “fresh!” without words! Good luck on your newest endeavor.
- Esther Garel Oertel

I love the new facebook page -  so glad I can keep up with your opening activities!
- Sallie Lycette Morris

All the best to you Lisa!
- Bishop Mayfield

LISA! I am happy, happy, happy to hear you are back.
- Rebeca Trevino

Wonderful, Lisa! When I visit my sister in St. Helena, we’ll be sure to stop in. It sure would be great if Paradise could get a place like this! Congrats, old Friend.
- Mazie Lane

I have always loved your restaurant! See you soon.
- Winifred Potenza

No wonder I haven’t seen you or JB lately!!! The shop looks amazing!!! Can’t wait!
- Cindy Beth

Can’t wait! When can we get in line?
- Miriam Marlin

Very happy to have you back on the food scene. You’ve been missed!
- Leslie Kenhart

We live just around the corner! Looking forward to seeing your new business.
- Grab N’ Grow

Chris & I are so happy for you, we will definitely be heading across town to see you.
- Margaret Andrian

Lisa, so very happy to hear that you’re back!!!!
- Sharon Landon

Congratulations Lisa. All of us at ZAP look forward to your grand opening! I can’t imagine what is on your plate at the moment. Hopefully you are able to fit in a few sips of some Zinfandel. Very exciting news. Cheers!
- The Association of Zinfandel Advocates & Producers

You will be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and once again to Sonoma County Lisa. Keep spreading the word, and so will we.
- Christopher Silva

Congrats Lisa – can’t wait!
- Sondra Bernstein

Sounds great! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!
- John Park

Flying Goat Coffee!! Yum!
- Meghan Skaer

Very happy you are getting back into food! And really happy you will be our neighbor. I chatted with Jennifer yesterday, with her and Marsha ya cant go wrong!
- Sue Fisher-Meechan

Thrilled you’re coming back to the foodie world! How we still miss the restaurant.
- Cathy Brown Carey

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