Dinner Specials

Dinner Specials *Updated 3/08/11*


Carrot Ginger 5.95

Caramelized onions and chicken with cous cous 6.95


Crab cakes over warm salsa cruda with lemon aioli (1) cake 8.95 (2) cakes 14.95

Grilled Vietnamese meatballs with grilled pineapple salsa 9.95

Stuffed Mushrooms with herbs, asiago cheese and walnuts 8.95

Grilled artichoke with lemon aioli and balsamic drizzle 5.95


Shrimp and prawn Louie on hearts of romaine ,hearts of palm, hard egg and avocado small 8.95/large 14.95

Lover’s salad, with spinach, strawberry, avocado, orange and poppy seed dressing 11.95

Warm baby spinach salad with bacon, egg, mushrooms and warm apple pomegranate dressing 10.95

From the Earth and Sea

Cheese ravioli with an artichoke salsa and tomato cream sauce 13.95

Turkey and beef meatloaf with garlic, spinach and mashed potatoes 15.95

Bacon wrapped chicken, seared in brown butter and stuffed with grilled vegetables and feta. 17.95

Kobe Asian marinated flat iron steak grilled with sesame chutney and steamed rice 17.95

Grilled Tombo salad with spinach, mushrooms and a warm lemon and soy dressing 19.95

Grilled salmon Diavola on a bed of white beans and asparagus 17.95

Yucatán Stew – Clams, mussels, prawns with a spicy tomato sauce over red pepper pasta 19.95

From wood burning oven

Half of a wood fired, marinated chicken with lemon aioli and roasted potatoes 14.95

Bacon wrapped pork tender loin with polenta & ancho tomato sauce 16.95

White artichoke pizza with chicken, prosciutto and basil 15.00/21.00

Vegetarian lasagna 12.95

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