Gourmet Box Lunch

Fresh is offering a Gourmet Box Lunch – $13.95

Please phone ahead for box lunches (707) 595‐1049 or Fax: (707) 539‐4894

They’re great for: Office Meetings, Road Trips, and Wine Country Picnics

It’s as easy as A-B-C

A. Choose One (Sandwich, Pastry, Salad, Wrap)

B. Choose One Side

C. Choose One Dessert

Beverages $2.00 (Izze’s, Boylan’s, Martinelli’s, Calypso Lemonades, Perrier Pellegrino, Evian and others) Wine and Beer are also available.

All Box Lunches come with utensils, drinks are additional.

  •  (pdf)


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