The Deli

About 20-30 fresh salads, sides, and entrees are prepared daily. Take home and re-heat or enjoy on a picnic accompanied by a bottle of wine and a loaf of fresh bread (or a bag of chips).

Below the photos you’ll find a list of special items prepared for your Thanksgiving feast.

delicase1 300x215 The Deli

The deli case

herb roasted checken in delicase 300x132 The Deli

Herb-roasted chicken

quiche The Deli

Quiche of the day

Pumpkin Pie Deep dish style with flaky crust 24.
Pumkin cheese cake with sour cream topping 24.
Caramel Walnut Pie glazed in chocolate 32.
Caramel Pecan Tart with cranberry and chocolate 28.
Gingerbread with lemon curd 22.
Apple Parmesan Pie a unique cheese topped pie 18.
Apple Gallette hand formed apple pie 15.
Lemon Gateau layers of lemon sponge with lemon curd and whipped cream frosting 26.
Lemon cheese pie 24.
Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting 28.
Apple Cake with cream cheese frosting 28.
Flourless pecan torte 26.
Chocolate Victorian dark layers of cake with chocolate mousse 32.
Apple Dumplings with caramel sauce 3.25 each
King George Mocha Spiral flourless cake with espresso cream 22.
Assorted Cookies: Macaroons dipped in chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, Palmiers, Lemon short bread. 1.75 each
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